Hello, my name is Carol

Hello, my name is Carol and words are trying to escape from my head.  I’m told that I should probably find them a healthy escape route, so here I am — blogging.

I have no expectations of what my blog articles will contain.  I have many different interests and hobbies, so the possibilities are endless.  I love to cook and create new recipes, crochet, hike, walk, take care of and train animals, write fiction and non-fiction books.  I REALLY like yarn.  I’m a photographer, nature lover and beauty seeker.  I love getting to know new people, but find comfort and stability in relationships I’ve had my entire life.  I love children — a LOT.  They seem to love me back and I consider that an enormous compliment.  I also love the elderly and feel our society ignores these wise seniors who have seen the world in ways long since past.  We can learn so much from our older friends.  I like to study genealogy.  Not so much to see where my great-great grandmother was born or when she died, but more to know her name.  Why she was named that name?  What were her dreams and aspirations?  Did she like children?  Was she lonely?  Was she an artist? The more I learn about my ancestors, the more intrigued I become.  I am a spiritual person.  I’m not closed-minded about others’ choices in this area.  I don’t believe anyone owes an explanation for their personal beliefs (or non-beliefs).  This is all a part of our individual journey.  I am a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, wife, daughter-in-law, mother, mother-in-law, employee, neighbor, writer and much, much more.

“You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.”  Stephen King